Mortgage Loan Calculator

mortgage loan calculator payoff spreadsheet
When you’ve already got a mortgage, it’s too late to try to save money by getting a better rate or better terms. It’s not too late, however, to see how quickly you can pay off your loan by making extra payments. If you’re getting a new mortgage, you can also see what extra payments will do for you.

I was curious to see what difference making extra payments makes on reducing the time it takes to pay down a mortgage loan, so I made a new spreadsheet. Here’s what I figured out by playing around with the numbers: The longer the amount of time remaining on your loan, the more of a difference it makes when you pay a little more each month, or make an extra annual payment, or even a one-time payment.

Here’s what the calculator will do for you:

Enter the terms of your loan in the calculator, as well as how much extra you’re willing to pay on your mortgage each month, each year, or just once over the life of your mortgage. The calculator will tell you how soon your mortgage will be paid off both with and without extra payments. It will also tell you how much faster you’ll pay off your mortgage loan, and how many months of loan payments you’ll save by making extra payments.

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